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Donate to help spread the gospel around the world

TGT is a church that believes in tithing, which is the necessary giving of 10 percent of your earnings to God. We also believe that other offerings beyond that might come in if God leads a person to do so. We rely heavily on donations from fellow believers. We stress that any money that comes into the ministry will be used in some way, shape or form for the furthering of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


We also want to stress that while it is welcome to give more than ten percent as is said in scripture, that people may not be financially able to give more than that. We want to assure you that no matter what the amount is that you send in, you are a valued member of our church family and an important partner to the ministry. TGT does not value people differently based on how much money they give to the church, everyone is equal in the eyes of God despite class and monetary differences.  

ways you can donate:



We have a tithe and offering portion to each of our Sunday services. If you decide to visit us, you can wait and give.

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Text: 732-56 to give. In the message box type "Tgt $Amount". The dollar sign is mandatory in order for it to be received correctly by the program. Upon sending the message you will receive a link. Click it and follow the instructions on the website and your donation will be received 

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